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Have you seen React 18's new 'startTransition' feature? (https://dmitripavlutin.com/react-usetransition/) No more lag when you reload many components simultaniously; so good to be a React dev nowadays 😅

Sometimes React apps are growing larger and larger and performance begins to suck. Luckily devs can split components into smaller chunks and lazy load them when needed. Here is an article on how to reduce app loading time by 70% with that trick (https://javascript.plainenglish.io/speed-up-your-react-app-initial-load-using-code-splitting-f2de58c01ed2)


I like this Angular design pattern atricle that helps if requirements change frequently (https://indepth.dev/posts/1478/designing-angular-architecture-container-presentation-pattern)

Have you ever looked at React Context API and wished Angular had the same feature? Probably not 😁 But in case you're wondering how to do that, here is a possible implementation of Context API, but for Angular (https://dev.to/this-is-angular/react-context-in-angular-i4a).


People are saying vue is 'third most important' frontend library but there is a person who built a $300K/Year Vue.js Component Library (https://www.starterstory.com/stories/i-built-a-300k-year-vue-js-component-library); that is likely even more money than material UI is making


Did you notice this huge list of 600 curated node packages? (https://github.com/sindresorhus/awesome-nodejs); it seems like a useful list broken down on categories, maybe some of them are useful to you?; by the way


Java v11 to v17 you seem to get an almost 10% speed boost (https://www.optaplanner.org/blog/2021/09/15/HowMuchFasterIsJava17.html), maybe bring this to your boss alongside with the request to get a higher salary? 😅 and if you don't get it, you can come back to us and we'll find you a new job!


Microsoft bought Github, everyone knows, but there are weekly news that support their open source efforts - 'Microsoft Open Sources .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server' (https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2021/09/08/open-sourcing-the-net-5-c-language-extension-for-sql-server/ so cool)

React Native

React native dev's have fantastic career prospects: twitter uses it now! (https://giuseppegurgone.com/twitter-html/) They truly have nailed to share code between mobile and web, so cool


This week I saw there is a new golang package (https://go-app.dev/) that uses declarative design, so cool! is that a pattern you follow in your current company?